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The Thomas Institute of Hypnosis was founded in 1998 by Cynthia Kile Thomas, an internationally-recognized hypnotherapist and instructor. It is the first postsecondary hypnotherapy school licensed by the State of New Hampshire. Hundreds of hypnotherapists in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, and throughout the United States have successfully completed our ongoing training and certification programs.
Our hands-on hypnotherapy certification program incorporates demonstrations and a color-coded workbook that makes it easy to follow along and practice outside of the classroom. Because our training materials were developed with standards from the National Guild of Hypnotists, those who successfully complete the program are certified both by Thomas Institute of Hypnosis and the NGH.
The Institute comes highly recommended for its training programs and hypnotherapy sessions by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest worldwide organization of its kind.


About Dawn Whiting
Owner and Director

Our program director, Dawn Whiting, trained with Ms. Thomas and the National Guild of Hypnotists. Due to Dawn's commitment to education and hypnosis, Ms. Thomas transferred the school to Dawn to continue the legacy of Thomas Institute of Hypnosis. Dawn's commitment to moving the school forward includes continuing education which she incorporates into the school's program. Dawn is certified in Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis which she has expanded to include Sleeve Hypnosis. She trained with Brian Weiss. One of the foremost authorities in utilizing past life regression to assist in the healing process.
Dawn is passionate about education and has expanded the courses offered by the Institute over the years to include advanced courses for certified hypnotists/hypnotherapists. She also brings other skills and knowledge to the program, including an overview of accounting and taxes for hypnotists. She also covers how to set up you business once you have completed the training.
Dawn's passion shows in her teaching methods. She incorporates a combination of lecture, discussion, examples, demonstrations and practice into the program. As a hypnotist, she brings the same passion to the clients who come to see her. She realizes hypnosis is about empowering the client. So part of the session may be teaching the client self-hypnosis techniques. Dawn has been featured in many newspaper articles, has appeared on network and cable television and has served as a guest speaker for numerous radio programs.
Whether conducting corporate hypnosis sessions, providing private hypnosis in her office, or teaching her many classes, Dawn is driven to helping individuals achieve their goals.
In her spare time, Dawn enjoys a tax and legal practice, as well as, farming. She has raised beautiful Springer Spaniels, including her 3 special kids. Being in nature with hands in the dirt rejuvenate her energy and passion.

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Due to COVID-19, hypnosis training and certification are postponed until Spring 2021. We anticipate the next certification training to be April/May 2021. Private individual sessions are still available by appointment. Masks and distancing are required for all hypnosis appointments. The area is disinfected after each client. Zoom appointments are also available. Please stay safe as we now see some light.