Hypnosis involves the induction of a calm, relaxed state in which you are highly susceptible to directions or suggestions from a trained hypnotist. Similar to daydreaming, hypnosis allows you to focus on the immediate moment, blocking out other images, sounds, or thoughts. Hypnosis can be used to improve behaviors (e.g. help someone quit smoking) and treat a number of conditions, including stress and anxiety.
When hypnotized, an individual is not asleep or in some eerie trance state. There is no surrender of mind or control. A hypnotized individual is not aware of all suggestions and will do anything that violates their personal standards of behavior or integrity. When brought out of hypnosis, they are able to recall everything that took place. Hypnosis is a very normal, natural state that we are all born with.
An example of the natural hypnotic state is when you are drifting to sleep but you are not quite asleep. However, you are not awake either. This is a state when you can give yourself positive suggestions. If we have a problem that we cannot solve and we "sleep on it", that is the hypnotic state that is allowing the suggestion - finding a solution - to be worked on as you are sleeping. In the morning, you may wake up and have ideas and possible solutions to the problem.


In essence, hypnosis is a means of communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Many human problems,habits, stresses, anxieties, and attitudes can be traced to interpretations by the subconscious mind which, when understood by the conscious mind, can reduce or resolve specific problems.


Anyone with normal intelligence can be hypnotized. In fact, it is usually found that stronger willed individuals who want to be hypnotized achieve excellent results.


The U.S. Department of Labor declares that hypnotherapy is an occupation within itself. The following legal definition is listed in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. 079.157.010 “Hypnotherapist” induces hypnotic state in client to increase motivation or alter behavior pattern through hypnosis.
A hypnotherapist does not possess any type of power or gift, but has learned how to give suggestions that the subconscious mind will accept and then act upon in a positive way. Trained hypnotherapists have helped thousands of people solve problems, overcome fears and improve personal skills.



  1. Individuals looking for new opportunities. Today, with more people seeking self-help and alternative modalities, the need for certified hypnotherapists is increasing every year.

  2. Anyone considering using hypnosis in conjunction with their current occupation, including nurses, teachers, counselors, physicians, psychologists, massage therapists, police officers, sales people, and other professionals. A Certificate of Attendance for CEU/Contact Hours is available for you to submit to your organization.

  3. Individuals simply looking for an avenue to improve their own personal lives. They may also work with their own children, friends, and other family members in the area of stress, smoking cessation, weight loss, learning issues, and self-confidence.

  4. NGH-Certified Hypnotherapists seeking additional knowledge and training. We are happy to open up our certification classes to NGH-certified hypnotherapists (who are up-to-date with their member dues) at a special rate. Please contact us for details.



It has been found that past training plays a very small role in one’s ability to use hypnosis effectively, so there are no prerequisites.


Yes! The class is broken down into small segments to ensure that everyone can succeed. And with the Thomas Institute’s Color Coded Hypnosis System© it's easier than ever to put together a complete session from start to finish.


Please notify the school if you are going to miss a class. When you come back, our instructor will work with you to be sure you are caught up.


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Due to COVID-19, hypnosis training and certification are postponed until Spring 2021. We anticipate the next certification training to be April/May 2021. Private individual sessions are still available by appointment. Masks and distancing are required for all hypnosis appointments. The area is disinfected after each client. Zoom appointments are also available. Please stay safe as we now see some light.